Costa Rica – Part 1

Happy Friday Everyone! Who’s ready for the weekend? *insert hand raise here*

I’m going through some pictures from our trip to Costa Rica and thought I’d share a few of them with y’all!


Kent and I LOVE to travel. It’s definitely our favorite thing to save for and splurge on. A couple years ago, we made this plan to visit 40 countries by the time we are 40 years old. I’m pretty sure we are not going to meet that goal, but we’re sure having fun trying. We hadn’t been on a trip alone in over a year (last February we went to New York City together for a long weekend), so it was nice to have some time to ourselves. Our main two requirements for this trip were:

1. Somewhere warm (New York on Valentine’s Day was FREEZING last year) and
2. Somewhere relaxing (We took Rock and Rome to Disney on our last vacation. Super fun, but not relaxing.)

Costa Rica was country #13 on our list and it did not dissapoint! The trip down was much easier than I expected. We had a flight to Atlanta (less than an hour) and then a flight to Liberia (just over 3 hours). On the second flight we were seated across the aisle from each other and I’m about 98% sure the couple seated next to me was Tommy Lee Jones’ parents. I actually thought it was Tommy Lee Jones when they first sat down, but he looked a little too old. Then, he introduced himself as “Tom” and I was certain it was him and thought he must just look a little older in real life without all the hollywood lights and makeup. BUT THEN he was telling me about his kids and he refered to his oldest son as Tommy Junior! I haven’t had a chance to google Tommy Lee Jones and find out if he’s a junior, but if he is then I DEFINITELY sat next to his dad. Anyways, customs was a breeze at the Liberia Airport and the taxi ride to our hotel was only about 15 minutes.


(This jacket is 40% off right now. I always dress in layers when I’m flying. I’m usually FREEZING on the plane. )


(Taxi Ride to our hotel! These sunnies are just $12!)


First stop = Pool


Walking to dinner.


Our first sunset on the beach…I use the term “beach” loosely. Technically our hotel was situated on a bay so it was small and didn’t have big waves. But it was still beautiful and really peaceful. I will say the bugs were AWFUL! We were only on the beach for a few minutes and I had to go to the gift shop and find some bug spray. When I got back to our room that night I counted 27 mosquito bites on my legs! The rest of the week I wore bug spray everyday and it was never a problem again. But if you go, DEFINITELY get your bug spray on the second you hop off the plane!

I’ll do a full review of where we stayed and what we did in a future post! Tonight we are having family pictures taken so I’m off to find Kent a shirt to wear (procrastination queen right here). I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!



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  1. Marie-Josee Cloutier says:

    Nice pictures! I’m sooo happy that you’re blogging again. Can you please tell me what was your nail polish on the pictures? Thanks! Have a great weekend 🙂

  2. Maria says:

    Looks amazing!
    Traveling makes for the best memories:)

    Maria ||

  3. Hi babe! Were you worried about Zika at all going there?

    • welcometosarahdise_y77sln says:

      Hey Lauren! Not really. We aren’t trying to get pregnant right now and since Zika is here in the U.S. too I’ll have to get tested before we start trying anyways. Have a good day!

  4. Emily Carpenter says:

    Hi Sarah! Did you get a spray tan before you went? Any recommendations on a great spray tan in the Carmel/Indianapolis area? Getting married there on August 19th!

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