NYFW Instagram Roundup


Hey Guys!

I’m back from a whirlwind trip to my first New York Fashion Week! It was such a blast!

I’m working on some more posts about what we did each day and those will feature more detailed descriptions of each of my looks.

In the meantime, I’ve been getting a ton of DMs and questions on my Instagram about my outfits, so I thought I’d do a quick roundup for those of you who want to shop early!


We had to leave at 6am, which meant my airport outfit was basically glorified pajamas. I’ve talked about this cardigan a few times on Instagram now but it really is THAT GOOD. It’s sold out twice already but I just checked and they have it restocked in this color and black so if you want one grab it fast! These sunnies are only $14 and these faux leather leggings are super flattering!

Do you see these shoes? Clearly this was my outfit on the FIRST DAY. I’m pretty sure my shoes got progressively comfier as the trip went on.



This was one of my FAVORITE outfits from the week! Lots more pictures and details from this outfit are coming soon, but for now, here’s the info.


I got so many questions about this outfit I showed on my Instastory. I wish I had a better picture of it because this metallic jumpsuit is so cool (and super comfortable). I’ll have to reshoot it at some point! I wore it to a party on our second night in town and it will be perfect for Holiday parties later on this year too!



Outfit from day 3! I was officially over the heels by this point. How cool are these metallic loafers? They’re under $40 and I got so many compliments on them!


I have been eyeing these booties for so long but just haven’t been able to swallow the price tag on them. So when I found THIS PAIR I was so excited. They’re super similar but a fraction of the price. They were probably my favorite pair of shoes from the trip.



I love these metallic pants that I wore on our last day! They’re long so I wore heels with them for part of the day but I swapped them out for flats in between our meetings while walking around.

Like I said, lots more details on these outfits and our trip coming soon! I hope this is helpful in the meantime!




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