Nordstrom Fall Sale


1. Reflective Sunnies (I have the matte black version) 2. Favorite Bangles (Gray Version) (Champagne Version) 3. Black Luggage in large and medium (this brand is hardly EVER on sale)  4. My favorite light-weight tunic. I own this in black, ivory, and mauve (I wear these to shoot most of my weddings). 5. My Hunter Boots (also rarely on sale) 6. Raw hem skinny jeans 7. Gray Cardigan 8. Gold Watch 9. My Winter Coat 10.  Cutout booties 11. Initial Hat

Hey gang! We are still working on getting settled into our new apartment and figuring out life here in Tennessee. Kent had some business meetings in Indiana this week and then Army drill this weekend, so the boys and I have been on our own since Wednesday. We left our house “staged” in Indiana since it hasn’t sold yet, so all our our furniture is still there. Right now we’re living out of cardboard boxes, sleeping on air mattresses and couldn’t be happier.

I’m currently still playing catch up on emails, editing and blogging, but I wanted to quickly share a few items from the Big Fall Sale going on right now. These are items you guys have seen me (over) wearing on Instagram all the time. If you have been eyeing any of these, and haven’t pulled the trigger, now is the time since most of these are currently 40% off!

Well, I just set off the smoke alarm trying to make Spiderman waffles so I think that’s my cue to go.

Have a great weekend everyone!



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