Stomping in Style | Checking out our new Stomping Grounds with Ugg Boots from Nordstrom






This week we took a little break from unpacking to check out our new city. We decided to go to Radnor Lake State Park and the boys LOVED it! I printed off one of those “Nature Hike Scavenger Hunt” lists from Pinterest and it was a blast making a lap around the lake and checking items off our list. We had so much fun exploring our new stomping grounds, and I did my stomping in style thanks to new Ugg Boots from Nordstrom.

I think it was around the time that I started High School that the Ugg Boot craze first reached my small town. I was raised in Central Florida and even though we had no need for faux-fur lined boots there, they were way too cute and comfy to pass up and EVERYBODY had a pair. Everybody that is, except me. I remember having a knock-off version from Wal-Mart back in high school but somehow I made it all the way until this year without actually owning a pair.

On a whim, I decided to get these Ugg slippers back during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale in July and you guys…holy crap. How did I make it this long without these in my life?! I’m pretty sure everyone in Heaven will be walking around in Snuggies with Uggs on. They’re like walking on a cloud…a warm, furry, cushioned, cloud. I’ve been (over) wearing my slippers everywhere (yes, out of the house) and finally decided I should get another pair for days I’m feeling “formal” (ha!). I was at Nordstrom last week and decided to go with this style because they’re a classic and they’ll go with everything. Plus they have the cutest little bow detail on the back that I just love! Nordstrom had a TON of different options to pick from (I linked some of my favorites below). I snagged this pair for Roman and got a few other pairs as Christmas gifts (I’ll share in a future post).

We had so much fun hiking around the lake and checking items off our scavenger list.  If you’re like me and are late to this trend, do yourself a favor and hike on over to to check “Uggs” off your list.

You’re welcome.

Thanks Nordstrom for sponsoring this post.



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