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Good Morning Gang! Happy Tuesday! I hope everyone scored some killer Cyber Monday deals. My family and I were flying to Austria yesterday so between packing and traveling, I didn’t get much shopping done. Luckily, tons of the stores started their online sales early this year, so I had the chance to get most of what wanted ordered before we left!

Today I’m talking about giving the gift of cozy for Christmas. Cozy gifts are the way to go when it comes to so many people on my list, for several reasons.



First, it’s universal. There’s some people I buy for that I know EXACTLY what to get them. But others, can be more of a challenge. In the past, I’ve drawn names at work for “Secret Santa” and not known the person super well, or we all have those people who insist they don’t want or need anything. Cozy is the answer. Age, Style, Personality, Gender…doesn’t really matter. Everyone likes to be cozy. Everyone likes to put on some comfortable new PJ’s or a Robe and Slippers at the end of the day. Everyone likes to drink out of a cute mug in the morning or light an amazing candle in the evening (or all day if you’re me). Here’s some great gift options for anyone on your list:


Second, it’s perfect timing. We’re heading into the coldest months of the year! If there was ever a time for all the warm and fuzzy pajamas and blankets, it’s now. I love the idea of giving monogramed blankets, especially to Newlyweds or to someone who just moved into a new place. We got this monogramed one for our new apartment and it’s so soft. I also got this snow leopard faux fur one and it is amazing. The boys just lay on it and pet it and say, “it’s so soft…” over and over. Ha! I’m linking a few more cute blanket options here (not gonna lie, I really want the mermaid one):



Third, it’s nice to spoil people a little. My mom, for example, always asks for the most practical things at Christmas. This year, she’s asking for a vacuum cleaner. While I totally support getting people things they’ll actually use (she’s getting the vacuum), it’s nice to get them something that they otherwise might not splurge on themselves. My mom has had the same slippers for years, and while she might not need new slippers this year, I got her some good ones that I love, and I know she’ll love. I found this pair at Nordstrom during the anniversary sale in the Summer and I have worn mine so much! I feel like Uggs are the ultimate when it comes to cozy footwear. They are the coziest, softest things and I knew I had to get a pair for my Mom. I went to Nordstrom to pick them up and they had tons of cute Ugg slippers there! I ended up getting this pair for myself (Merry Christmas to me) and I love the moccasin style (PSA: If you’re between sizes go up!). They were on my Christmas wish list, but I really wanted them for our trip so I went ahead and snagged them. I’m linking the slippers I got for mom, my new moccasin style slippers, and a few other cute options from Ugg that Nordstrom has right now here:



Finally, it’s what’s on my list. I’ve been putting together my personal wishlist this year and so many of the items on there are lounge-y, comfy, cozy items! Since I already got myself the moccasins I wanted (oops), I’m picking out a few more things I’ve got my eye on this year. I’m about to hand my laptop to Kent so he can proof read this post, and I’m hopping he gets the hint when he sees this :). Thankfully I don’t think I’ll have to worry about Mom seeing what she’s getting for Christmas…since she asked me on Friday, “So what is a blog anyways…”


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  1. Elly Brown says:

    So cute mama! And I agree, cozy is always the answer!

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