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Any other procrastinators out there? If you’re anything like me, 2 weeks away from Christmas is right around the time that I start my shopping. With the help of my husband, I’ve rounded up some great gift ideas for the men in your life! All of these are in stock and available to be shipped out in time for Christmas! There’s ideas for all different price points here, and I even included some great options for stocking stuffers! *Note* There’s a few additional ideas at the end of the post that weren’t included in the above graphic.

1. Wallet – Wallets are always a classic gift, and usually a good idea since they wear out every few years. Kent is really picky about his not being too bulky and he likes how thin this one is.

2. Charging Station – I got Kent one of these a few years ago and he loved it! There’s a bunch of different options here  (just search “charging station”)  that you can pick from depending on what kind of devices he has. You can pick what color/kind of wood you want and even add a monogram to personalize it!

3. Table Top Cigar Lighter – Kent got one of these for my brother this year and now he’s decided he needs one for himself too. Perfect for the cigar lover.

4. Shaving Set – We got these for my brother and brother in law last year and they were a big hit.

5. Smart Watch – Kent said this is the number one thing on his list this year!

6. Cologne – This has been Kent’s favorite scent for years! I found the cologne on sale here, and a whole gift set in this scent on sale here.

7. Wireless Headphones – Kent has been wanting a pair of earbuds like this (no cord) and these have great reviews!

8. Watch – I love this watch for a dressier option.

9. Military/Sports Watch – Kent got this one earlier this year and he loves it. He wears it everyday.

10. Popsocket –  Kent got one of these earlier this year and he said he can’t go back to life without it. Perfect Stocking Stuffer idea! This is the original one, or you can get a less expensive option here. 

11. Duffel Bag – We have two duffel bags from this company and we love them. The quality is excellent and they’re on sale right now!

12. Pullover – Wardrobe Staple! The quality on these is great and they come in tons of color options.

13. Knife – Kent has this knife and he loves it. He said any blades made by  this company are great.

14. Bluetooth Speaker – We have this speaker and use it so much! Kent takes it out to the garage or yard when he’s working out there. We also turn it on whenever we have company over on the patio or inside.

15. Extra Long Phone Charger – Another great stocking stuffer idea! We got some of these super long chargers a while back and they’re amazing! Warning, so hard to go back to the regular length after you get spoiled by these.

16. Sneakers – His current running shoes

17. Slippers – These look so cozy!

18. Gloves – We got these for our recent trip to Switzerland and they were great. They are “tech-touch” so you don’t have to remove them to use your devices!

19. Cold Brew Coffee Maker –  Perfect for the coffee lover!


If you have a game lover to buy for, this one is so fun (adult version here). We also play this one and this one (these are great for stocking stuffers too if you already have the game) all the time (Warning, both of those are for adults).

A few other stocking stuffers I’ve done in the past are Beef Jerky, Car Wash Booklets, Cigars and Coffee.

Happy Shopping Ladies!










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  1. Katherine says:

    Crew Carwash books are always my go to for gift ideas for the hubby!

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