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Happy Friday Everyone! TGIF! I’m so excited for another long holiday weekend! My best friend is in Nashville this weekend and I can’t wait to ring in the New Year with her and my family.

I’ve had a few messages from y’all this week asking for ideas or suggestions on how to spend your Christmas Gift Cards (what a good problem to have right?). Usually when I have Gift Cards, I try to use them toward a bigger splurge that I wouldn’t usually make. It’s a good time to get “investment” pieces, that you’ll use for years to come.

Today I’m sharing three pairs of Winter Boots that I’ve invested in over the years, and have no regrets about!

I was born and raised in Florida, so when I moved to Indiana, I had no idea how to dress for colder weather. I think I spent my first Winter there in knockoff Ugg boots, a denim mini-skirt and a lot of puffer vests haha! I was clueless! It didn’t take me long to figure out that nothing I owned was practical for the frigid Mid-West temps, much less snow. Luckily, I’ve found that it is possible to be both stylish and practical when it come to Winter-Wear.


This first pair of boots I’ve had for two years and I love them! I’ve worn them in Indiana, Utah, and most recently on our trip to Austria and Switzerland and they were perfect! They are waterproof and perfect for areas with heavy snow/sleet/slush. I love the lace up front because it’s easy to adjust them based on how many layers you’re wearing. I wore them for two days on our most recent trip and literally walked miles in them and they were perfectly comfortable and my feet stayed warm all day. The only “con” I could think of for these, is that you’ll only use them when it’s really cold/snowy. Probably not the most practical purchase for my Florida Girls, but if you live anywhere that has a real “winter” or travel to the mountains at all, you’ll get some use out of them.




Next up are my Hunter Boots! Hunter makes several different styles but these are the exact ones that I have. I’ve had mine for three years now and cannot believe how well they have help up! I have worn them a ton and they still look practically new. I definitely wear these the most out of the three pairs in this post. I usually pull mine out near the end of August and wear them all throughout Fall, Winter and into Spring. They’re such a classic and you can wear them with dresses and skirts when it’s warmer, or jeans and leggings in the Winter. These do run small, so definitely size up (especially if you plan to wear them with heavy socks)! This isn’t really a “con” (just more of a fact), but these keep my feet the least warm of the three options I’m showing today. They’re good for normal Winter days with rain, sleet or slush, but if it’s especially freezing or heavily snowing, I’d recommend one of the other two. *Side Note* (Just saw these are on sale right now!)



This last pair I just got for Christmas! Kent got them for me at Nordstrom. He always shops for me there since they have free shipping and he avoids the Mall like the plague this time of year. Nordstrom also has free returns hut we won’t be taking advantage of that this year because  I love them! They are cute, comfortable and most importantly warm! I wanted a pair that was a little bit dressier and these have a slight wedge that is so flattering. The soles are rubbery though with these groove/grips on the bottom that makes you feel really safe if you’re walking on slippery ground. I wore them last night to take the boys to the ICE exhibit here in Nashville. We walked around for hours and they were so comfy! My only “con” to these, would be that the shearling lining is just around the ankle. I thought it lined the entire shoe, but they are still very comfortable and honestly I’ll always wear socks with these so I don’t know if it really matters. *Side Note* (Just saw these are on sale right now!)


Also, on a side note, I’ve had several requests for a tutorial on how I get this “messy bun” and it’s coming soon! In the meantime, my key to getting so much volume in the top of my hair is to spray this on first. If your roots need  some extra volume or texture, this stuff is great. Also linking my favorite foundation  (the color is “Tawny), blush (the color is “Dolce Vita”) and my lipstick (the color is “Super Cindy”)

Well that’s it for today. I’m off to meet my bestie for lunch! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Happy Spending!

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  1. Alyssa DiSalvatore says:

    I’m so glad you did this!!! I actually have 2 pairs of those shoes (different colors) and am getting the furry Sorel boots today and I’m so glad you said they were warm.

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