Knuths go to Austria | Part 3 | Salzburg

Good Morning Everybody! Happy Monday! I hope you all had a great weekend!

Today I’m sharing more about our trip to Austria! I had originally planned to have four blog posts about this trip, but this one started turning into a full blown novel, so I’ve decided to just break it up and add another post. So there will now be five posts total and today is Part Three (you can read Part 1 here and Part 2 here).

After we left Vienna, we headed to Salzburg! The boys were so excited about this day because they knew we were going to take a long train ride. I was pleasantly surprised by our train. It was beautiful! A lot of the trains we’ve taken in Europe have been older, but this one seemed new, clean and modern. The people working on the train were so sweet and let the boys use their hole punchers to punch their tickets, and even gave them these cute little special kid “tickets”. Our ride was a few hours so we brought snacks, card games and the boys watched “The Polar Express” on the iPad. It had just snowed the night before so the views were so pretty. We were so excited when we got off the train because you could see the mountains and we felt like we were finally “in” the Alps!


How cute are my parents?!


Salzburg was the one City that we used AirBnB for and I’m not even going to link our apartment because I wouldn’t recommend it. The location was perfect. We were right in downtown and had plenty of restaurants, shopping and sight-seeing within walking distance. But the apartment itself we were pretty disappointed in. :/

After we dropped off our luggage at the apartment, we bundled up and headed out to explore the City. We got some dinner, grabbed me some gloves, and found the birthplace of Mozart! Unfortunately Rocky started feeling really bad so we headed back to the apartment early that night.


Left – Birthplace of Mozart. Right – Shopping for gloves. This street had the prettiest Christmas Lights!

The poor little guy was still feeling sick the next morning so we decided to give him a “rest day” and Kent and I stayed at the apartment with him while my parents went out to do some sight-seeing. They got back around 2pm and traded us so they could take a nap and we could go see some more of the city.


We walked through the Christmas markets and stumbled into this amazing cathedral. I think it was one of the prettiest ones I’ve ever seen!

Then we headed up the mountain to tour the Fortress. The view was incredible (and we were there on a cloudy day)! You could see the entire city of Salzburg on one side, and then on the other side was the mountains. Everything was covered in snow and it was truly stunning. They had lots of spots to take pictures and even a restaurant at the top. To be honest, the tour was kind of a dud. They only show you like three rooms inside the fortress and we had to wait so long in-between rooms. But it’s 100% worth it just to ride the little tram thing up the hill and see the view. It was definitely one of my favorite things we did the entire trip. Kent and I took some food back to the boys and we stayed in with them that night while my parents went out to dinner.


On the tram ride up.


View from the top!


These shoes were a big splurge for me for the trip! I fell in love with how they looked, but I knew I’d have to return them if they weren’t comfortable. We always do so much walking when we’re in Europe and as cute as they were I knew they wouldn’t be worth the money if I couldn’t wear them all day. I was so relived though when they arrived and were actually comfortable! Granted, they aren’t Uggs, but I walked without sitting down for almost 5 hours in them and my feet weren’t bothering me at all! I wore them the night before for shopping and dinner too. They have rubber bottoms so you don’t feel like you’re going to slip in the snow and they also come in black and a wedge a version. I’ll link a bunch of them below! My beanie is still available in this pink color (it shows black, but you can switch it to the pink/nude option) and has a great fit. This jacket is an oldie but I linked a similar one!

I’m hoping to get the final two posts up about Hallstatt and Zurich later this week!



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