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Happy Hump Day Everyone! We’re almost halfway to the weekend! I wish I could say I’ll be cuddled up here this weekend, but unfortunately we’ll be out of town AGAIN! Also, it’d probably be pretty weird if I was curled up here since the sell of our house is finally officially and we no longer own this place anymore haha!

Selling this house was a huge mix of emotions, but ultimately I’m so relieved that we got it sold before Kent leaves. I found a bunch of house pics on a memory card this week that I had sent to our realtor after we listed it. You guys asked for more home decor so I thought I’d share some of them with you today!

Our Master Bedroom was one of my favorite rooms in our house! I had my eye on this bed for over a year before I finally bit the bullet and bought it and I’m so glad I did. I LOVE it! The most common question I get about it is if you can have boxsprings with it and you can! You can get the King version here and the Queen version here (ours is the King). You can find our rug here. Ours is the 8×10 (Fun Fact: My Sister, Sister-In-Law, and I all have this same rug! Clearly it’s a hit!). I’ve had these side tables for about 5 years now and they’re great! Everyone asks me if they get dirty and the kids do smear them up sometimes. But they’re easy to wipe down with glass cleaner. My lamps are oldies from Home Goods, but I found an almost identical version here. My chandelier is still fully in stock. There are two versions of it and this one is the larger one. This dresser was actually a little too small for the room. I had to get a new one this year and I knew we’d be moving into a much smaller room at our apartment so that’s why I went with this one. It is on sale though right now and the quality is amazing! It is so heavy and looks and feels really expensive, just make sure you pay attention to the dimensions! I got these exact curtains from Ikea but I can’t remember the name or find them on their website so I linked a similar version. 

Several of you have asked me to break down which bedding I use where so I thought I’d do that here too! Ok so the back row (closest to the headboard) is three euro-sized pillows with these cases. I will say that I cheaped out and didn’t buy the matching inserts that go with them. I thought I could just get any inserts that matched the dimensions so I got some at Target. Unfortunately they DO NOT fill out the pillow cases correctly so I really need to just splurge and get the matching inserts so the pillows stand up properly. Ok next I have two king pillows with just plain white pillowcases from target (Threshold maybe?). Then the third row is two more king pillows with these linen pillowcases. These are the ones we actually sleep on. Then in front of that I have a Honeycomb pillow and a Hadley Pillow. and then our name pillow is right in front! We have this quilted coverlet tucked in tight over the whole bed, and then we have a king sized duvet with this linen duvet cover folded in thirds at the bottom. We have this faux fur throw at the end of the bed, and this monogramed one over our chair

The little white pumpkins and glass vases were from Hobby LobbyThe faux eucalyptus branches were from Pottery Barn but I think they are sold out now. I took these pictures after we had already moved all of our personal belongings out of the house, so it looks a little weird without all of our pictures and little accessories everywhere. 

Hopefully this answered a lot of your questions! If you have anymore just leave them below! More than half of the items I listed are on sale right now so take advantage!











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5 responses to “#KnuthKrib Master Bedroom Tour”

  1. Chesi says:

    Really pretty!

  2. Rachel says:

    Hi! Your room is beautiful! May I ask what color paint is on the walls? Also where the curtains are from?

    • welcometosarahdise_y77sln says:

      Hey Babe! I talked about the curtains in the post! I’m not sure what the wall color is. :/ That’s the color the builders had it painted when we moved in. So sorry! xoxo

  3. Tiffany McEneny says:

    Hi Sarah! First off, I’m a huge fan of your blog! I have a question about your mattress. I’m looking for a new one and I’m wondering is this a “lull” bed? How do you like it? Thank you!

    • welcometosarahdise_y77sln says:

      Hey Tiffany!

      Thank you so much! I’ve never heard of a “lull” bed before so I don’t think this is one. We just got our mattress from overstock.com but I don’t love it :/ I’ve been looking for an upgrade but haven’t decided on a brand yet. xoxo

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