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Good Morning Gang! Happy Thursday! I’m typing this post from beautiful, sunny Florida and I’ve gotta say, I’m not mad about it.

So fun fact about me, I’m from Florida! I was born and raised in the Sunshine State, but I definitely took growing up here for granted. I rarely went to the beach and anytime my family went on vacation we usually headed straight for the mountains or tried to find somewhere with snow. Now that I’ve lived in Indiana for 9 years, I definitely have a new found appreciation for warm weather and the simplicity of just laying out by the pool or ocean (I used to think that was so boring!).

Since I still have friends and family in Florida we come back to the Tampa area on a regular basis. It’s only a 2 hour straight flight for us and the boys get so excited to go. They love the beach, any pool, and of course all the Orlando theme parks.

We have come every March for the past 9 years because we are always so ready to get out of the Indiana Winter by then and my hometown has a big Strawberry Festival that I love going too. I almost didn’t go this March since Kent couldn’t come with us…But I have so many work trips planed this year that I can’t bring the boys on, so I wanted to plan a trip that I could do with them since they love to fly so much. Plus my sister Laura had a week off so she decided to join us!

She snapped these pictures on the last day we were in Florida (right before I changed into my sweatshirt and leggings for the flight home) and I love them so much! I got the boys’ cute shirts from Nordstrom! Actually, everything we’re wearing is from Nordstrom! I had originally just planned to stop in and grab myself some new shorts for the trip, but I can never leave without browsing through the kids section. 🙂 When I saw these tee shirts I had to snag them. I think Roman’s would be so cute for a pregnancy announcement too! I got them these shorts too which I planned on them wearing this day, but unfortunately it was in the 50’s and so windy so we ended up having to go with pants (so glad I threw a pair in!). I will go ahead and link Roman’s sneakers and Rocky’s sneakers here too. I always make sure they’re in good quality, comfortable shoes for the days I know we’ll be walking a lot at the airport!

I definitely had to lose these wedges before we headed to the airport, but aren’t they cute?! I loved wearing them around the resort while we were there. They’re a good neutral color and perfect for pairing with shorts, dresses, rompers or even jeans this summer. These shorts are the ones I ended up getting from Nordstrom. The price is great (they’re only $44) and they have lots of stretch so they’re super comfortable! I wore them with this stripped top for an easy look while we walked down to breakfast. The nautical looking stripes on this top make it so perfect for summer. It’s nice and long so you can tuck it into your shorts like I did, tie it in a little knot around your waist, or even wear it over a swimsuit for a coverup! It’s also super affordable at only $49 and comes in a few other colors/patterns.

I had a few questions about my airport outfit so I’ll link that here as well! This top, leggings, and sneakers are all super comfy!

Nordstrom is the best because they’re just a one-stop shop for us before we leave on a trip and they make it so easy on me. Our Nordstrom here in Nashville has free valet parking in the front so I can literally just pull up to the door and hop out with the boys. They also have a “buy online and pick up in the store program” which is way better than attempting a fitting room with the kiddos. Nordstrom has all my favorite brands (at lots of different price points) and I love being able to shop for me, Kent and the boys all in one spot!

Well, I’m off to enjoy this beautiful Florida day! My friend Hollie and I are headed to the Ice Cream Museum! Thank you Nordstrom for sponsoring this post! I’ll be sharing more outfits and info about our trip soon! Have a great day babes!




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