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Happy Throwback Thursday Everybody! Today I’m throwing it back to our trip to Florida a few weeks ago. After we went to Legoland, we decided to head over to Clearwater so we could spend the last half of our trip at the beach!

I was kind of bummed that the week we were in Florida it was cold. :/ It was in the 60’s during the day, which technically isn’t that cold, but when all you want to do is swim, it’s cold. Luckily, the pool at our hotel was heated. Like really heated. It almost felt like a giant hot tub. It was amazing. We took these pictures in about 10 seconds since it was so chilly haha. You can totally tell on the boys’ faces that they were getting cold, and then see how relieved they look once they hopped in the water.

Thank God I brought a long sleeved cover up with me! This one was my saving grace from the cold wind coming off the ocean. Isn’t it pretty? It comes in 4 different colors and it’s nice enough that you could wear it straight from the pool out to dinner!

The other solid black coverup I’m wearing is this one! I wore it while we were at Legoland, but forgot to get some good pictures of it there so I brought it down to the pool with me to get a couple shots of it for y’all. It has a tie in the front so you can wear it open or closed. It comes in a white version too and has the prettiest crochet trim. I ordered both coverups from Nordstrom (free shipping duh)!

These sunnies and sandals are still my two favorite pairs right now. If you follow me on Instagram, I know you’ve seen them 100 times, but they really do go with everything. Unfortunately my exact swimsuit sold out last week, but I linked one that’s almost exactly the same!

 How cute do Rock and Rome look in their little swimsuits?! I’m so obsessed with them. Their suits are from Nordstrom too! We are headed back to the beach this weekend and I ordered these gingham swim trunks for the boys to wear on Easter Sunday! I wish they would of had these flamingo ones out when we went to Florida! They just released them, and I’m obsessed.

Nordstrom has tons of really cute swimwear out right now! I even found Kent a couple of pairs of trunks. His swimsuits are packed away in storage and we need to work on getting rid of his farmer’s tan this weekend haha! It’s so nice to just be able to order stuff for the whole family from one place and get free shipping on everything!

Well I’m off to go pack because we’re headed back to the beach this weekend! We hadn’t really planned to do that, but Kent found out that the Army is giving him a pass to leave his base for a long weekend thanks to the Easter Holiday! Woohoo! I feel bad that I’ve already been on two trips to the beach this year without him, so I booked us a little impromptu trip for the weekend and I’m so excited! I hope you all have a wonderful Easter!

Thank you Nordstrom for sponsoring today’s post!



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