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After all the craziness of RStheCon, a chill weekend with my boys was just what I needed. When I got back from Dallas, we decided to go over to the Army Base where Kent is currently stationed so we could hang out with him. Weekends have quickly become our favorite time, because that’s when we know we’ll all be together. The boys are always asking, “Is it the weekend yet?!” They love going to see Daddy and checking out all the Army stuff on the base. 

This weekend we decided to venture off the base. I found this park online, so we got up early one morning and took our breakfast out here to watch the sunrise. It was beautiful! They had a trail that was a little over a mile long so we hiked down into the canyon with the kids. The boys loved it (and so did we)!

These shoes had arrived at my door while I was gone to Dallas and I was so excited to wear them! I threw the package right into my car when we left to see Kent so I could take them with me. They’re from Ecco Shoes! I went back and forth for so long between the pair I’m wearing and this pair. I love them both, but I’m glad I got the ones that look a little less athletic because I think I’ll be able to wear them more often.

If you followed my outfits at RStheCon, you saw that I wore sneakers there like three different days haha! I’m on such a sneaker kick lately! I love them with casual outfits (like I’m wearing here), but I’ve also been wearing them with skirts, dresses, white shorts and even jeans. They have definitely become a Spring Staple in my closet and I think getting a denim inspired pair like these Ecco ones is so smart because they literally go with everything! They are so comfy too! I wore these all morning while we hiked around carrying my camera, our drinks and a kid or two at times, and was so comfortable the whole time! Cute and comfy is a win win in my book and I can’t recommend this Ecco pair enough! I’ll style them few different ways on my Instagram soon too so y’all can see how cute they look with casual dresses and shorts!

I’m obsessed with Ecco’s new indigo shoe line. I’ll link a few more of my favorite styles for Men and Women below!

Thanks so much to Ecco for sponsoring today’s post!

I hope you’re all having a great Monday! Only four more days until the next weekend!



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