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Good Morning Babes! Happy Monday! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! We had a beautiful weekend here in Nashville. We went to a birthday party for one of Roman’s little school buddies and then my parents’ got us tickets to go with them to the Rodeo. The boys LOVED it. Roman has been asking for a Cowboy hat ever since we left haha!

Last night I was doing a little online shopping for our upcoming beach trip and I thought I’d share some of my favorite finds with y’all! Here’s what I got for the boys.



And here’s what I’ll be wearing if you want to shop it early!

I’m such a procrastinator so I really hope everything gets here in time (and fits).

We are going back to one of my favorite places for Memorial Day, 30A! This will be our fourth trip to the area and I’m so happy because this time my entire family is coming too! My parents, both my sisters, my brother and their families plus my crew will be there for 5 nights. Kent is getting 4 days off for Memorial Day so he’ll get to be there with us for most of it too! Roman is turning 6 while we’re there, so we’re going to have a little family party for him one day. I am just so excited to relax and hang out with all my favorite people.

We rented a house again and if you’re planning a trip to the 30A area I totally recommend doing this! There are so many and honestly any of the areas around there are great (Rosemary Beach, Seaside, Watercolor etc…). We rented a house the first two times we went there and they were both beautiful. When we went for Easter Weekend, we planned our trip super last minute and ended up staying at The Pearl Hotel because we couldn’t find a house. A lot of you asked me about this hotel and honestly I have mixed feelings on it. The “Pros” would be: It’s BEAUTIFUL! I absolutely LOVED the decor and overall “vibe” of the place. The location is AMAZING! You are right on the beach with your own beach access and they have a section of the beach that’s reserved for hotel guests with chairs/umbrellas etc…Plus it’s literally steps away from shopping and dining. You couldn’t ask for a prettier hotel in a more perfect spot. The “Cons” for us were just that they don’t allow kids (under 18) in the pool. :/ Really not that big of a deal, I just wish they would of told us that when we booked. We had an amazing room with a beautiful balcony overlooking the pool, but it was torture for the kids to look out at it and not be allowed in every morning. Honestly they were ok with just going over to the beach. Kent and I were really the ones who wanted to be in that heated pool with bar service because the ocean water was still FREEZING haha. They did have a pool you could walk to at a neighboring property (10 min walk) but it was under construction at the time so we weren’t able to use it. There was also a couple of other small things that I saw happen at the hotel that I just wasn’t ¬†impressed with. Overall I would say it’s probably fine if you’re doing a couple’s trip or girls’ trip. Just not kid-friendly.¬†There’s another hotel near it called “The Pointe” that I have heard great things about! We drove past it a few times and it looked pretty too so I think we might try that next time.

I’m so excited to show my family around the area this weekend though! We always eat at Cowgirl Kitchen and we LOVE all the Seaside Food Trucks! They have picnic tables with a huge grassy lawn where your kids can play, or you can just walk across the street to the beach! Bud and Alley’s is great too! If you don’t have the kids with you I’d recommend going up to the Rooftop Deck. There’s a bar up there and the view of the beach is amazing! If you’re with the whole family, they have a pizza bar down on the street level that’s really good too. We got to see our sweet friends Jessica and Ryan and their kiddos while we were in town too! They introduced us to the Mojitos at Great Southern and I’m officially a believer. Jessica is a local and has a way more in-depth guide to the 30A area you can read here if you’re interested!

Here’s a few of my favorite pics from last time we were there!

































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