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Good Morning Gals! Happy Monday! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

The boys had a nasty stomach bug last week and I got an awful sinus infection so we’ve just been a hot mess around here. Blah.  I’m happy to report though that we’re all finally feeling better. The word is that Kent will be coming home sometime next weekend! Woohoo! I’m trying to get a ton of work done before then so we can relax a bit when he first gets back.

I’ve had several of you ask me what beauty items I got from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale so I wanted to share those with you today! I actually didn’t order any new products to try, BUT there are several items included in the sale that I’ve used for years so I went ahead and stocked up since I use lots of these everyday.




Ok so first up is my blowdryer! I got this blowdryer earlier this year and I love it! It’s lightweight and dries my hair super fast. I don’t know all the science behind it, but I know it has some high-tech features that actually promote hair health instead of damage it. I do know that it leaves my hair feeling super silky and definitely helps me fight frizz! I have the white one, but you can also get a black version here.





Ok next up is this 4 piece skin care set.  There are two items in the set that I absolutely LOVE! The drying lotion is amazing if you have a breakout! I started using this a few months ago and it works so good! If I get a zit, I put this on it before I go to bed and it helps to heal it up so much overnight! I also love the rosewater spray that comes in the set.  My sister introduced me to this and I’m hooked. It smells amazing and is so refreshing!



This is my absolute favorite dry shampoo ever! It’s a little pricy so I usually only splurge and buy it when I can get it on sale! This kit comes with a full size bottle and a travel size bottle of both the dry shampoo and the texturizing spray (also bomb). The texturizing spray is really good at giving your hair volume if that’s what you need! I usually use it on the first day that I wash my hair, when it’s really silky, clean, and kind of flat.





The brow pencil that I use everyday is included in the sale too! This is the same exact color I use (Medium Brown). The kit also comes with a brow gel too that I have been meaning to try! There’s also a lip kit (with a color that I wear all the time) included too! It’s a really pretty pinky/nude color that I love. It dries very matte, but the lip kit comes with a gloss that you could add over the top if you prefer!





My two favorite Urban Decay products are on sale too! This is the only setting spray that I’ve used for probably two or three years now. It helps your makeup stay in place all day long! It comes in a kit with this eyeshadow palette which is amazing! When I first got this palette a few years ago, that’s all I wore for probably a year straight haha! I love it so much! Anytime you see me wearing a brownish/gray/neutral looking eye color, it’s this one. I really only wear two eye colors and this is one of them. The other one is a peach/rose gold palette I have. The kit also includes an eye shadow primer which is great and helps your shadow to stay blended and not get too creasy.




Next Up is this kit from Glam Glow! I got this mud mask probably two years ago and I’m actually wearing it right now haha! I love it! There are two different mask kits from Glam Glow included in the sale but I haven’t tried the black one yet. I’ll link them both above. The description will probably tell you which one will be better for your skin type!



And last but not least is my all time favorite texturizing spray from Oribe! So many of you have asked me for a hair tutorial about how I’m styling my hair now that it’s shorter. I will have to film a video for ya’ll soon, but if you want to go ahead and get the texturizing spray I swear by while it’s on sale here ya go! I can’t wait until my order arrives with this kit in it. I needed a mini version of the texturizing spray for when I travel and I’ve been wanting to try the shampoo and conditioner out because I LOVE LOVE LOVE the smell of Oribe products!



Well gang, that wraps it up! If there’s any beauty products  you ordered from the sale that you think I should try, leave it in a comment on my Instagram post so we can all read it! I was debating ordering that Neulash stuff that’s supposed to help your brows and lashes grow but it’s kind of expensive and I don’t know if it really works. Have you tried it out yet? Please let me know if you have!

Have a great week!




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