Holiday Sparkle | A collaboration with Mignonne Gavigan




Happy Thursday Everyone! I’ve been so excited for today’s post because it’s all about one of my favorite things, jewelry! My everyday jewelry style is usually pretty simple, but during the holidays I love to step up my jewelry game with a little extra sparkle. I feel like having a few dressier pieces on hand is a must for this time of year. Even if you’re just a leggings and sweater kinda girl like me, adding a statement earring can instantly make your outfit feel glamorous and totally party-worthy.


Today I want to share two pairs of earrings that I got this month and instantly fell in love with. Both pairs are from Mignonne Gavigan. If you haven’t shopped there before you must check them out. They have hands-down some of the most fun and whimsical jewelry I’ve ever seen (think Bear, Swan, and even Caviar Earrings)! I picked out two pairs that I thought would be perfect for the Holidays and they did not disappoint.




First up is the Metallic Gaby Earrings. Aren’t they amazing? I love the tones of these colors together. If you scroll down I have an image of me wearing them so you can get a better idea of their size.



And then these are the Anastasia Petite Stud. I love these just as much! You can also rotate them in different directions to get multiple looks out of them!




A huge thank you to Migonne Gavigan for sponsoring today’s post! I’ve got my eye on your pink champagne earrings for New Years!


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  1. Megan says:

    Will you do a tutorial on how to do that hairstyle? It’s so pretty!

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