Men’s Valentine Gift Guide

Ok gang, you asked for it! So many of you requested a Men’s Gift Guide on my Insta Story and here it is! I hope this is super helpful and makes shopping for your Valentine fun and easy. The Image above is activated so you can hover over any of the items there and click to take you to that exact product!

I got this watch for Kent for Christmas and he absolutely LOVES IT. The best part is that you can get it engraved too! I wrote something funny on his (it says “Don’t tick me off”) but you could put something sweet/loving on it too!

We ordered these jeans for Kent a couple months ago and they have quickly become his new favorites. We always disagree about how his jeans should fit. I want them to be more fitted and he’s always trying to get away with wearing them so BAGGY! I know it’s probably more comfortable that way, but it is NOT flattering. These have been the PERFECT compromise for us. They’re tailored enough to look great, but they’re still comfortable for him and he doesn’t complain about wearing “skinny jeans”. Highly recommend

Ok next up are his new favorite dress shirts! If you hate ironing as much as I d, these wrinkle-resistant shirts will be a Valentine’s Day present for you just as much as him. You could give it to him with a note that says, “I love you, but I hate ironing” or something like that…

These men’s grooming products are Kent’s favorite right now too! First of all they’re hilarious (check out the names on everything). The packaging they come in is so cute and totally cracked Kent up. Not to mention everything smells and works so good, plus they give a portion of their sales to support Military Charities. Love supporting people like this!

This phone charger and sanitizer is something my germaphobe would totally love (and might be getting sshhh). It has a UV light that kills germs on your phone overnight while it’s charging. All you have to do is send him some sexy pics throughout the day, and then give this to him at night since you got his phone so “dirty”.

These personalized whiskey barrels and glasses are perfect for a drinking man. Just include a little note like, “let’s get drunk”, “time with you is never wasted” or “Happy Valentine’s Day to the one who drives me to drink”…whatever applies.

Kent wore these swim trunks last year and so many of you loved them! They sold out super fast but they’re back this year! This is a perfect gift if you live somewhere warm, or have a trip coming up soon! You can add a cute note like, “I can’t wait to see you in these”. (Shop more styles here)

Every time Kent has these sunnies on in my Insta-Story I always get flooded with questions about them. He has had them for a few years now and they’re definitely his favorite if your man needs a new pair!

Running shoes would be such a cute gift too with a note like, “you get my heart racing” or something along those lines. I love this pair, and you can shop more styles here!

I’ve shared this phone case a few times on my Insta-story and I’m adding it here to because Kent LOVES HIS. It’s made to prevent dropping your phone and it really does work. I think this would be so cute with a note that says, “I love you, but stop dropping your phone.” Haha! You can get 10% off with code Sarah10!

Finally, I’m linking Kent’s favorite duffel bag. It’s a bit of a splurge but we love them so much we have three now! The quality really is amazing and it’s a great gift if your man travels.

I took a poll on my Instastory about Valentine Cards yesterday and I was so surprised how many of you give them! I’ve rounded up some of my favorite one here!

Hope this helps! Happy Valentine’s Day Lovers!



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