Happy Father’s Day Kent




You guys, how sweet are these pictures?! I can’t even look at them without tearing up. I just love these three so much.

Because of this blog, I feel like I have tons of pictures with my boys…but Kent is usually behind the lens. I told him I wanted to get some updated photos of him and the boys this year for Father’s Day.

The boys adore Kent and truly want to be just like him. If Daddy orders sweet tea, they want sweet tea. Since Daddy drives a black truck, they both want black trucks. When Kent pulls out his Guitar, Roman grabs his too. I’m not sure how long that phase will last but I’m hoping it’s forever because he is such a good Man/Husband/Father.

Everything the boys and Kent are wearing in these images is from Abercrombie! Abercrombie is one of my go-to’s anytime my guys need new clothes. Kent has been shopping there as long as I’ve know him. He loves their slim-fit button down shirts, wears their cologne and burns even their candles on his nightstand constantly.

I love Abercrombie’s classic, all-American style. Their prices are so affordable and the quality is really good. I started shopping for the boys at Abercrombie about year ago (their sizes start at 5T) and absolutely love the kids’ clothing! They have the cutest pieces for little boys and they hold up so well (despite how rough my kids are on their clothes). In fact the jeans Rocky is wearing in these pictures were originally Roman’s! They’re about a year and a half old and have been worn and washed so many times and still look good as new.

A huge thank you to Abercrombie for sponsoring today’s post. And Kent Knuth for obliging me on this photo session. I will cherish these forever.


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