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You guys! I’m so excited to share our first home Renovation with y’all today! You guys have been blowing me up with questions about our deck and I’m going to try to answer them all in this post so here we go!

Why did you decide to start with the deck?

Funny story, we weren’t even planning on renovating the deck when we bought this house! We were planing to tear it down and put in a pool and outdoor seating area EVENTUALLY, but I told Kent I definitely wanted to start renovations inside the house first. Then, the week we were supposed to start inside, we were sitting on the deck and I said, “Ya know what? Maybe we should refresh this deck a little bit after all…” Our backyard is our favorite part about the new house and we basically LIVE outside on this deck. We eat dinner out here, we work out here, and Kent and I love sitting outside on the deck while the boys play in the yard. The more I thought about it, the more I thought it might be nice to have a place to “escape” the next year or two while we renovate inside. I’ve never lived through a renovation before, but I’m kind of assuming it’s going to be a disaster haha. We talked about it and decided doing the deck first would be a great idea. We could do everything in basically a weekend, then we’d have a place to entertain and enjoy all Summer and Fall while the house is a mess. I’m so so sooooooooo happy we decided to do this. I absolutely LOVE how it came out and now I’m having second thoughts about tearing it down in a year or two haha!

Where is everything from?

I think I have links for everything here! You should just be able to scroll through and click on the item you’re looking for! If there is anything I’ve missed just let me know here or on Instagram, and I’ll try to let you know!

How are you protecting your white cushions outdoors?

So the good news is, all the cushions/furniture are made for outside. The cushions even came with little tags on them that said they have already been “scotchguarded” which I think will really help! Still, I’ve been bringing mine indoors when we leave town or if it looks like rain, just to help them last as long as possible!

Paint and Stain Colors?

Built-in Bench – Varathane “Early American” Classic Wood Stain. This is an interior stain, so you will need to seal it with an outdoor, waterproofing sealer.

Deck Color – Behr Waterproofing Stain & Sealer. I told Kent I wanted Benjamin Moore “Wrought Iron”, but he went to Home Depot and they don’t sell Benjamin Moore. So he told them to make something similar and they made their own mix. Lucky for him I just found out this happened. Here’s a picture of our can lid with the exact recipe they used.

¬†White Color on House – Sherwin Williams “Snowbound”

Black Color on Doors – Sherwin Williams “Inkwell”

Where did you get the poles your string lights are attached to?

They’re actually just a piece of wood from home depot! We stained them to match the deck!

How are the Amazon trees doing?

So far so good! I will say they are Olive Trees and they’re supposed to thrive in “drought conditions”. We’ve had a TON of rain in Nashville and I noticed the pots were filling up with water. I’ve been trying to keep them dry lately and I think they like that better! I have them right by my French doors to the living room so I’ll probably move them inside this winter.

Where did you get the bench?

Kent made it!

What are your railings made of?

Cable Wire!

Is your fire pit propane?

Yes! Linking a few similar options here!

Can you show more before & after pics?

Here’s a few before and afters for y’all! I can’t believe what a difference one weekend made!


If y’all think of any questions I missed just let me know here or over on Instagram!


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  1. Brit says:

    Stunning transformation, Sarah!!! Love your style! Could you please share the plans Kent used for the bench?

  2. jessica bruner says:

    Hi! I am looking for a plant similar to the one you have in the tall gray pot near your olive tree. could you tell me what kind that is?? thank you!!

  3. Liz bea says:

    Would love to see plans as well, the bench is gorgeous!

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