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Happy Sunday Everyone! I had so many requests from y’all to share what I got for the boys from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, so here we go! I usually take advantage of the sale to stock them up on good quality shoes for the year and jackets for Fall/Winter! Roman still fits in his jacket from last year (and Rocky is wearing one of Roman’s old ones), so I didn’t need to get them a new coat this year. I did link some of my favorite styles below though in case you’re looking for one for your little man!

I did grab them several pairs of shoes though while they’re discounted! Nordstrom has such a good variety of boys styles so I grabbed them both new sneakers, boots, and loafers for Fall/Winter. Rocky is in love with the black pair he’s wearing in the pictures above. They’re lined with faux fur inside so I thought they’d be great for Winter! I keep telling him they’re way too hot for Summer but he insists that they’re his “favorite shoes ever” and asks to wear them pretty much everyday so they must be comfortable haha.

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is also a great time to grab new baby gear if you need some! I saw the convertible car seats we used with the boys are on major sale right now so I’ll link those below too!

Today is your last chance to get these items at a discounted price because the sale ends at midnight! Starting tomorrow the prices will go up and stay there for the rest of the season. Nordstrom always has free shipping and free returns so if you aren’t sure about sizing you can always order two and return whichever sizes didn’t work! Thanks so much to Nordstrom for sponsoring today’s post!


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