Summer fun with Nerf


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Happy Wenesday Everyone! I hope you all are having a wonderful week. We took a little break from our renovation tonight because some of Kent’s family was in town. Two of his sisters were visiting Nashville with their families so we had them all over to see our new place and let the kids play together! Rocky and Roman were in heaven hanging out with all their boy cousins.



The day before they arrived, we received a huge box of Nerf goodies from Hasbro! They have the best toys out for Summer! If you live near a Kroger or Fred Meyer, you can now purchase Nerf Toys & Pet Products at your local store! Nerf has Pallets set up in the stores with coupon tear pads that have special offers if you want to join #NerfNation too! You can search for a participating store near you or if you’re an online shopper, you can purchase all your Nerf Needs Here



They sent way more than we need so we let the boys pick out their favorite toy to keep, and then shared the rest with their cousins. Roman’s favorite was the Nerf Elite Rukkus ICS-8 because he could fire 8 darts in a row before reloading and the darts are designed for distance. Rocky chose the Nerf Zombiestrike Nailbiter because it features fast firing with no priming and is, of course, part of the Zombie Strike Survival System.


Kent pulled out his army face paint and gave the boys some camouflage for their Nerf War. They had an absolute blast!



Nerf also sent over some dog toys for Bella! I didn’t even realize that Nerf made pet products, but they have everything from balls, frisbees to ropes and tug toys. This chain tug toy was way too big for her but she loved it anyways. It’s super durable, and you can use it to play tug-of-war with your fur baby.


A huge thank you to Nerf for sponsoring today’s post and providing us with so much fun!


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