The ride home

Ever since Roman started Kindergarten last year, our ride to and from school every day has become so precious to me. I travel so much for work and my job is one that I can’t “leave at the office”. Owning your own businesses (like Kent and I do) is 24/7, and I often have “Mom-guilt” about how much time I spend on my phone. I’ve made some “rules” for myself about certain times of day that I turn off my phone and just give the boys my full attention. One of those is the 15 minute drive to and from school everyday. It’s not much, but that’s 30 minutes of uninterupted conversation every day…two and a half hours a week…

So often I’ll ask him, “How was your day?!” and just get the typically “Good” for a response. Or I’d ask him “What did you do today?” and he’d say, “I can’t remember…or ‘some stuff'”. I thought I’d share some of my favorite questions that I’ve found get a little more conversation out of him…

Who did you sit with at lunch today?

Did anything funny happen today?

Did you do anything creative today?

What did you eat for lunch? Did you like it?

Did anything make your teacher smile today? Did anything make her sad?

Tell me something that you learned today that you didn’t know yesterday.

What did you play at recess? Who did you play it with?

Tell me something good that happened today.

Did you see anyone being kind today? Were you kind to anyone today?

Did anything make you sad at school today?

It might seem simple, but I feel like our little talks on the way home from school everyday have kept us so bonded. Turning off all my distractions (phone, radio, podcasts, music etc…) and just being excited to see him and talk to him everyday is so special to both of us I think…

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A huge thank you to Walmart for sponsoring today’s post! All thoughts and opinions are always my own.


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