Best Burgers in Nashville

TGIF! I can’t think of a better way to kick off the weekend than with a Burger AND a new blog post series! Every week I get questions from y’all about Nashville, so I’m officially going to start answering all of them here on the blog! I’ll do a different category of favorites each month and start saving them all to a highlight on my Instagram Story so that anyone who’s coming to town will have all my recommendations in one place!

So far my list includes; Favorite Burgers, Favorite BBQ Restaurants, Favorite Brunch Spots, Favorite Hotels, Favorite Air BNB’s, Favorite spots on Broadway, Favorite spots OFF Broadway, Favorite things to do with Kids, Favorite things to do that don’t involve drinking, Favorite Shopping Spots, Favorite Spots for Pictures, and Favorite coffee spots. If y’all think of anymore just let me know and I’ll add it to the list!

Ok so first up is Burgers! Gah just looking at these pictures makes me drool. These are our three favorite spots to grab a burger here in Nashville (in no particular order).

The Pharmacy Burger Parlor and Beer Garden

The Pharmacy is located in East Nashville and you can read their full menu here. They do have indoor dining, but if you can, try to save your visit here for a good weather day! They have the cutest outdoor dining area with picnic tables, shade and lights. I am not a Beer drinker but Kent loves their selection…I just go for the tots (and the Burgers obvi).

Burger Up

Next up is Burger Up! They have three different locations now so no matter where you’re staying in Nashville, hopefully there’s one that’s not too far from you! We love their burgers, fries and whatever that yellow sauce is (their version of honey mustard I think!). We always get the fried Mac ‘n Cheese for our appetizer, but you can read the full menu here!

Burger Republic

Last but not least is Burger Republic! They have a few locations too, but we always go to the one in the Gulch because we just love that area. It’s right beside the famous Nashville Wing Wall so make sure you snap a pic while you’re there! Kent loves their boozy, spiked shakes and we always get the tater tot fondue! Check out the full menu here.

Well, this post officially has me craving burgers so now you know where I’ll be this weekend! Haha! If y’all try any of these out make sure you tag me on your story so I can add them to my new Nashville Highlight! What category do y’all want to see next?!


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