Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Men

1.Knit Beanie

2.Bluetooth Speaker


4.Matte Black Watch

5.Stadium Blueprints

6.Black Running Shoes

7.Aviator Sunglasses

8.Silicone Wedding Ring

9. Swim Trunks

10.Air Drone

11.Yeti Cooler

12.Tile Pro

13.Personalized AirPod Case

14.Apple AirPods

15.Adjustable Baseball Hat

16.Vintage Leather Luggage Bag

17.Men’s Shaving Kit

Part two of my Valentine’s Day Gift Guides is now live! This one is full of great ideas for all the Men in your life! Kent helped me put this together and it’s basically a list of all his favorite things. He owns most of these items, and the ones he doesn’t have yet he may or may not be getting in a few weeks :).

You can click on the items in the picture, or on the list of links below the image. Hope this is helpful for everyone!

Have a great weekend!



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