Diaper Update – 6 Months with Cuties

It’s been 6 months since we started using Cuties Diapers and wipes on our little cutie and I’ve got to say, we LOVE them! Since I didn’t use Cuties with the boys, I really wanted to give these a few months of use before I wrote this post. We switched to these when Indy was 2 months old and she’s already 8 months now!

We get our Cuties Diapers and Wipes through Amazon Prime! They have the subscribe and save option there, and you’ve got to love the FREE SHIPPING. Certain locations might be different, but for us (here in Nashville), we’re typically able to order for overnight delivery by 8am the next morning which makes them so convenient.

The Diapers are SO soft and Hypoallergenic so they are perfect for babies soft skin. They have no dyes, chlorine, latex, or fragrances! Indy has not had one single diaper rash since we switched to Cuties!

They’re also amazing at preventing leaks and blowouts. Indy has leaked one time over night in a cuties diaper. We ended up switching her to a bigger diaper size and since then she’s been fine so I think it was probably just time for her to move up!

We have truly LOVED Cuties Diapers and Wipes and I think you guys will too! I’ll link them here if you want to check them out! Thank you so much to Cuties for sponsoring today’s post!


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