Our Weekend in Chicago with Shedd Aquarium + Abercrombie Kids


Hey Everybody! I hope you’re all having a great week! We just got home last night from traveling for a few days and I thought I’d share some pictures from our trip with you today!

For those of you that follow me on Instagram, you know the boys and I spent this past weekend in Chicago! Abercrombie Kids teamed up with Shedd Aquarium to host an amazing interactive event and the boys and I were so excited to attend! We go to Chicago pretty regularly but we had never been to Shedd Aquarium before so the boys were pumped! They had originally just invited Roman and I to come, but I didn’t want to travel to Chicago alone and I really didn’t want to leave Rocky out so I asked them if my sister and Rocky could come too. They were so kind and accommodating and let Rocky tag along and do almost everything Roman got to do. He isn’t big enough to wear Abercrombie clothes yet (their sizing starts around 5t+) and he wasn’t quite old enough to interact with some of the animals, so that’s why you’ll just see Roman in most of these pics.


Me and my handsome boy heading into the event! My Lace Tee and Embroidered Jacket are both from Abercrombie! Roman’s Tee, Jeans, and Jacket are all from there too!



First time at Shedd Aquarium! It was amazing! We can’t wait to go back with Kent.





Roman got to help feed the Beluga Whales and even pet one! It was such an incredible experience! I can’t get over how sweet their little faces are!




Kent called me while we were there and I was so glad he got to watch them taking it all in!




Sea Lions! This picture cracks me up because Roman and the Sea Lion both stuck out their tongues at the exact same time! Haha!




How handsome is he?! He’s listening very intently to one of the Shedd employees talk about the Penguins.



Ahhhhhhh! We even got to pet one of the penguins! Is this not the cutest thing?!

The kids and I both had such a blast! We loved getting to meet the Abercrombie Team and see all of the adorable kids styled in their Abercrombie clothes! I’m so excited that Roman is finally big enough to fit into their sizes! They have the cutest clothes for kids and their prices are really affordable! Roman loved everything too. He actually picked out this exact same outfit to wear again this morning for school, and I think I’m going to put him in this plaid button up for school pictures later this week. 🙂


While picking out some stuff for Roman to wear to the event, I (somehow) ended up in the Women’s section and grabbed a couple things for myself too. 🙂

How pretty are these pink satin PJ’s? You guys know I’m all about the cute and comfy and these are the perfect combo of both!


 We took the kids over to Stan’s Donuts for breakfast the next morning and we were all in heaven! I mean how cute are these shakes with the little mini donuts on top?!  This pullover was perfect for the chilly Chicago morning. I love it so much I own it in two colors now ha! We had such a fun day walking around Downtown and taking the kids to get some yummy Chicago Deep Dish Pizza for lunch!









I was so excited because my friend Hollie was in town with her girls for the same Abercrombie event! I love her so much and we don’t get to see each other nearly as often now that we’ve moved to Nashville, so it was so good to catch up. Plus our kids loved getting to hang out together all weekend.



And I’ve got to give my baby sister Laura and huge shoutout for coming with me! I hate driving in Chicago (or anywhere for that matter) so she was my chauffeur for the weekend and helped me so much with keeping an eye on Rocky while Roman and I were working with the Abercrombie team! We love you Aunt Lala!

This beautiful view is from our hotel patio! Isn’t it amazing?! We always stay at The Gwen Hotel when we go to Chicago. Not only is it beautiful (you can see some of the lobby in the picture below), but you can’t beat the location. It’s right on Michigan Avenue in the heart of downtown. It’s attached to the mall, Stan’s Donuts is across the street, and our favorite Deep Dish Pizza Restaurant is only 2 blocks away!

We had such a fun weekend and I already can’t wait to go back! Thank you so much to Abercrombie for inviting us and sponsoring this post!






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