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Happy Thursday Everyone! Today I wanted to share some Spring basics from Nordstrom with you that I’ve been wearing on repeat lately! The weather here in Nashville is amazing right now. Sometimes it’s a little cool in the mornings and evenings, but during the day, it’s just perfection. It’s what I like to call “Shorts and Sweater Weather”, which in my opinion, is the best kind of weather.

I wore this outfit last weekend when the boys and I met up with my parents for a little ice cream date.

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I’ve been (over) wearing this lightweight thermal top for a few months now. I love it so much I ended up buying the ivory version too (it’s that good).

These shorts however are a new purchase. I mentioned a few posts back that I ran up to Nordstrom to get some shorts for our trip to Florida earlier this month. I got this pair (featured here), and then I also snagged the ones from today’s post¬†from Nordstrom’s Topshop Department! I always check out the Topshop stuff when I’m in the store (or online). Their stuff is at a really good price point and it’s always right on trend (my bracelets are Topshop too!). This pair of shorts has a totally different look than the other ones, but I love them just as much. The color is much lighter, they have more distressing and they are true high rise “mom shorts” (as the name implies). This whole “mom shorts” trend that’s going on right now is one this Momma can definitely get behind! I love how high waisted these are and the length is perfect! They’re long enough to give you plenty of coverage, but short enough to still be flattering.They also have a super distressed version here that I love!

Per usual, I ordered them from Nordstrom because you can’t beat their free shipping/free returns policy! I’ll link the rest of my outfit details for you below! Thanks Nordstrom for sponsoring this post!



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  1. Benedetta says:

    Love this basic look ..so so cute!!!

    Be Happy with Fashion

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