New Glossy Lip Combo from Nordstrom

Last week I got a DM from one of you asking if I could share my go-to lip GLOSS combo. I’ve shared a lot of my favorite lipstick finds, but didn’t realize pretty much all of them have been matte options. It had actually been a while since I purchased a new gloss so I headed out to Nordstrom to see if there were any good new glosses I could try out.

Nordstrom is one of my go-to places for trying out new beauty products. They carry tons of my favorite makeup brands and products (at all different price points) so you can compare everything in one place. Plus the Nordstrom employees are always super helpful with helping you find exactly what you want.

I explained what I was looking for to the woman working at the beauty counter and she gave me the best recommendation for an everyday lipgloss. She said it was one of her personal favorite products and they have tons of customers coming in to restock on them all the time. I asked her which colors were the most popular and she said the three below. I got all of them to try and I’ll list out the numbers in case you want to try them too!

#722 was my personal favorite! It’s a beautiful pinky-nude color that’s perfect for everyday. #119 is another one she said was very popular. That one had slightly more color too it and more of a berry/mauve undertone! The final one she recommended was #712. It was pretty clear on its own (it has a slight golden tint), but works great as a top coat if you want to transform one of your nude lipsticks into a high gloss look! You can wear these glosses over a lipstick of your choice, but I think the two colored ones have enough pigment/coverage to wear on their own too! I’ve been wearing #722 with my Mac Liner (in the color “whirl”) all week and LOVING it!

I shared some videos of the new lip glosses on my instastories today and had a few questions about my outfit so I’ll link those details for y’all as well! My tee, jacket, necklaces and shoes were all from Nordstrom too (shorts are a similar option).

Thank you so much to Nordstrom for helping me find the perfect new gloss, and for sponsoring today’s post!



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