Guess What?!



Ahhhh! I can’t believe the day has come that I can FINALLY share this huge news for our family. We’re MOVING…to Nashville, Tennessee!

I guess I should say moved because we are already here!

Ok, let me back up a bit. So we found out last year that Kent would be gone with the Army for about 10 months during 2018. We had a couple of different options for me and the boys while he was gone.

Option 1 – Stay in Indiana
We debated staying in Indiana. The main pro to this was obviously getting to stay in our house. Also, I’d be close to work. I typically book photography work about 18-24 months in advance, so even though we were still over a year away, I already had 6 weddings booked in Indiana that I was committed to for 2018. The cons were being 11 hours away from Kent, and not having any of my family close to me. Kent will have some weekends free that we can go see him, but it would be an 11 hour drive each way for me to take the boys for a weekend visit. Also my sister that used to live with us moved about an hour away in August, and then my next closest family is 5 hours away in Tennessee. :/


Option 2 – Go with Kent (kind of)
We had the option to go with Kent for the first part of his training. The pro to this was obviously getting to see him more in the evenings and weekends. But there were quite a few cons. First of all we were only able to go January-July. That’s when the bulk of my work/weddings are scheduled so I’d be making lots of trips back to Indiana (again 11 hours each way) on the weekends which is when Kent would have off.  Some of the weekends he’ll be “in the field” so we wouldn’t get to see him at all. Plus, the boys and I would have to leave in July and move back to Indiana anyways since we can’t see him during his July-October training. Basically the boys and I would be living in his (very small) studio apartment for 6 months hoping to see him on some nights and weekends. But again, I’d be far from work and have no family/friends close by.

so we went with

Option 3 – Move to Tennessee!
We decided that the boys and I will live in Nashville, Tennessee for the next year while Kent is training. We really think this is the best option for us right now. We’ll only be about 5 hours away from where Kent is, which makes the weekend trips to visit him when he’s free MUCH easier. I’m only 5 hours away from Indianapolis too, so driving back for my wedding weekends won’t be bad either. Plus during the week I’ll have so much help/support since my Mom, Dad, Brother and Sister-In-Law all live less than 10 minutes from us now. I’m VERY close with my family and I haven’t lived near my parents and brother for over nine years so I am so so so happy to be back near them again. They absolutely ADORE my boys and I know they’ll be amazing while Kent is away.

He doesn’t leave until January but we wanted to go ahead and get settled down here before the Holidays so we moved yesterday. We hosted a Halloween/Rocky’s third birthday/Going-Away party on Friday night before we left. We had planned to host the party outside so I originally just had our bar cart inside on the bat wall.




BUT it ended up pouring rain so we had to move everything else inside last minute. I was so bummed that I didn’t get to use a bunch of decor I had for our patio but it’s ok. Oh and Party City POPPED the rose gold “B” balloon I had for “BOO” so I had to use silver. *insert eye roll emoji*


We still had a blast though. It was so fun to celebrate our little Ironman and spend time with all our wonderful friends we’ve made in Indiana. I know we’ll still see each other since I’ll be back so often for work, but I sure am going to miss this gang (and all the others I didn’t get pics with).


The best part about the move was that we didn’t tell my parents. They knew we were coming into town yesterday for Halloween but we surprised them and pulled up in the moving truck! Haha! It was amazing! The boys had these cute sweaters with the silhouette of Tennessee that said “home.” and they held this little sign I made. I still think my parents are in shock. We kept telling them it was true over and over and they kept saying, “No it’s not…stop pranking us…” Haha!


We are so excited for this new adventure! We signed the lease on a new apartment and moved in today.


Indiana was so good to us and a piece of our hearts will always be there. I am a person who loves change and I typically don’t get attached to things or places. People kept asking me if I was sad to sell our home and I really wasn’t up until the night before we left. I started getting so sentimental thinking about all the beautiful memories we’ve made there. We built that house together the first year we were married. I remember driving out to see the progress on it almost every night and writing love notes to each other on the framing before the drywall went up.


We were so excited the day we moved in and I have loved making it “ours” over the past eight years. We started our businesses there and brought two babies home there. Those walls have seen so many tickle fights and sleepless nights and dance parties around the kitchen.

It sold a few weeks ago but the buyers have recently decided to withdraw their offer so the #knuthkrib is back on the market. If you know someone looking for a house in Bargersville, Indiana this one is a keeper!

Whew that was long and I’ve got to get back to unpacking.

We are so excited to call Tennessee home!




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  1. Erika Hanniford says:

    Agh that’s so exciting!!! I’m a military wife living in Memphis,TN. My husband is stationed at Kessler AF base about 5-6 hours away making weekend trips possible. Welcome to TN hope you enjoy your time here. Nashville is wonderful!

  2. Yvette Davis says:

    Great move, (literally and figuratively), for you and the family! I wish you guys the best of luck in your new city and know your parents must be sooo excited!

  3. Kylee says:

    Yay yay yay! I live right outside of Nashville! Hope you love it here and welcome!

  4. Carrie Ruhlman says:

    Sarah, what a beautiful story. Thank you for sharing and congratulations to you and your family on the move. Believe me, our family moved away from home 3 times and we are back home after the 4th move (2 1/2 hours away ) and my parents are so happy and blessed. You made your parents so happy and proud. Good luck on your new adventures!! 😊 Can’t wait to see you document about your new adventures and memories made in Nashville!!

  5. So exciting!! I’m a Columbus, IN native and made the move to Nash almost 3 years ago. BEST DECISION EVER. I’ve followed your blog & insta for about a year now and actually just started my own blog (super amateur though 😜). It’s funny I’m actually constantly making my bf look at your page because we have our own baby boy on the way and I am obsessed with the way you dress/style yours. 😂 But anyways, welcome to Nashville!!

  6. Anna says:

    Sarah I wish you and your family the best of luck. I have been in similar circumstances before when my husband was away for training and I was home with the baby and no family around. So incredibly happy you’ll be so close to your family. Hope you’re home sells fast! So gorgeous I’m sure it will.

  7. Sarah says:

    Congrats!! Wishing you the best! Love the surprise to your parents and the sweatshirts were an awesome idea 🙂

  8. Delaney says:

    Congrats girl! So excited for you and your family! Moving comes with lots of emotions, some exciting and some sad, but your family will do great!! Can’t wait to see your adventures.

  9. Cmae says:

    So happy for you!!! I remember all your blog posts from your early days sans kiddos just you and your hubby and your Pom pup! I just did the same thing— make a huge move from AZ to Ohio to be near family to have them be around raising our son! Family is everything!

  10. christine says:

    S O sweet and SO happy for you. Can’t wait to see your new apartment! Xx.


  11. Tori says:

    I’m so happy for all of you! I used to live on military base with my sister and her family and I got to see how much a military Family actually goes through. I have the upmost respect for y’all, please thank Kent for his services! I’ll be praying for your new endeavors. I love your blog! Keep it up! 🙂 @toriblazewilliams

  12. Lisa Bruno says:

    I actually got all misty reading this thinking about how excited your parents must be. A beautiful gift for them and you. Thanks you for sharing.

  13. Delayna says:

    Congrats girl! This is so exciting! Now when I come to Tennessee I want to meet up with you, and not just see you at NYFW!! I am so happy for you and your seeet family!
    Xo Delayna

  14. Jessica says:

    Congratulations on this new journey. I am a true believer that everything happens for a reason so the best of luck to you and your family! Your parents expressions, PRICELESS!!!

  15. Mark D Boynton says:

    Although, I didn’t get to spend much time together with Kent in recent years, his (and your) friendships are part of my life I’ll forever treasure. Since our extended families go back to Olivet days in the early 60’s with his terrific late grandpa and our dad, it was only natural to become friends with him as he became an adult. I’ll never forget the first time I met you. I knew he was smitten! Your love for each other and family exudes throughout everything you do in life and, this is a good example.

    I wish you all the best!

    Y’all will be missed.
    Shell and Mark

  16. Jamie Englert says:

    Congratulations! I am an Indianapolis native. We were transferred to MI in 2012, back to Indiana in 2014, and Chattanooga in 2016. We are being sent to Germany for 2 years in 2019…and my husband isn’t even in the military. Welcome to TN! It is a beautiful state and there is so much to do and explore! I am sure your family is thrilled!

  17. Jenn says:

    OMGeeee your house is the same price I bought my small 1600 sq ft 3/1 in California! WAHHHHHHHHHHH I can’t even fathom the option to get a house that big for the same price of what we bought ours for!

  18. Kate says:

    This made my heart so happy! I am so excited for your family and I adore your blog…. the best one on the market! ❤️

  19. Erin says:

    Welcome to Nashville! Please let me know if you have any questions about the area! My aunt is an amazing Pediatrician and she knows literally everyone in Nashville! We would love to help you feel at home!

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