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Good Morning Everybody! I hope you’re all having a great day!

This week has been a weird one for us. Last Friday we packed up Kent and turned him over to Uncle Sam. :/ The government ended up “shutting down” on Friday night so we weren’t sure if he would still be going. We spent the weekend with him in limbo but we found out on Sunday that he would be leaving as scheduled so the boys and I headed back to Tennessee.

This week has been so crazy just getting adjusted to our “new normal” of running late, burning the bacon and pumping my own gas. Every time he leaves I realize how much I take having a good team mate for granted. The good news is that he will have his PHONE (at least until July). The past few times he’s been gone he hasn’t had phone access and it was AWFUL. Being able to text with him and FaceTime every night has made this sooooo much better!

I’m pretty sure we’ve spent more time at the airport/on the road the past month than we have at home. We took our big trip with the boys to Europe, we had to go back to Indiana twice to close on our house and do some paperwork/Kent’s physical for the Army, we went out to Arkansas so Kent could tell some of his family there “bye” for the year, and then we decided to do a last minute couple’s getaway to Quebec that last weekend before he left. Kent saw this sweatshirt at Nordstrom the other night and was like, “Babe you need this.” Nothing has ever been more true Haha! It is the most perfect travel shirt. I NEED to be comfortable while traveling and it’s so soft and kind of oversized. Plus I just saw that it’s 40% off today and Nordstrom always has free shipping! I know I’ve shown y’all these leggings before but I really can’t recommend them enough. I have the regular version and this moto version and I wear them both every single week (If you’re between sizes go up one!). I love the dusty blush color of these sneakers too. I wear leggings/sneakers 99.9% of the time at the airport and these were super comfortable.

Kent’s outfit is entirely from Nordstrom too (I’ve officially got him hooked on shopping there!). Our boy’s have these same Adidas shoes and they LOVE matching with him, so he got this pair a while back so they could wear them together. ­čÖé I got him this jacket about a month ago and he loves it. He has been wearing the same leather jacket that he had when we were dating for like 10 years and it was starting to look pretty dated, so I figured it was time for an update (He’s wearing a Medium). His shirt is so soft and light-weight so it’s good for layering or wearing in the Spring. They run kind of small so if your man is between sizes go up one (Kent is 6’2 and always between a medium or a large depending on fit. He needed a large in this one).

I’m going to do a full post about our time in Quebec later, but I wanted to go ahead and share our travel looks today while my top was on sale! Have a great weekend Gang!


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