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Happy Hump Day Gang! We’re halfway to the weekend! I’ve been looking forward to this weekend because these boys and I are off on a little adventure! Kent and I are taking them to Wyoming to see snow and I can’t wait to have some much needed family time!



I’m so excited for today’s post because I think it will be super helpful for so many of you (and not to mention, it’s pretty freakin’ cute). I know this time of year all my Mid-West Mommas are officially on the hunt for new Winter Fashion for themselves and their babies. I myself was looking earlier this month because the boys needed some new snow clothes for our trip and I found the best stuff for them on eBay! I don’t know why I’ve never thought to buy their Winter Gear from there before, but I’m so happy that I’ve (finally) figured this out!

I’ve always kind of struggled with how much to invest in the boys’ Winter Wardrobes. On one hand, they need really good quality, warm coats for when we go back to visit Indiana, or take trips to somewhere cold like this weekend. At the same time, it can be hard to splurge on more expensive items for kids when you know they grow so fast and they’ll probably only wear it a couple of times.



Enter eBay! You guys, they are seriously a gold mine for Kids Fashion and Gifts!  I found these Winter Coats for the boys that were brand new with the tags still on them! I’ve always wanted to get them the Moncler coats that look like these but they were so expensive and I just couldn’t justify the price tag. I was so excited when I discovered these because they are just as cute for a fraction of the price!




I don’t know why I’ve always thought of eBay as just a bidding site for used items. 81% of all merchandise sold on eBay is actually new and available with the “buy it now” option! Or if the idea of a little bidding war excites you, then by all means, get that deal girl! eBay covers every price point preference with high-end items like these coats I got, or more affordable fashion finds like these five dollar sunglasses. My little guys always complain about how bright it is when we’re in the snow, but since they’ve pretty much broken or lost every pair of sunnies I’ve bought them, that’s one thing I WON’T be splurging on.



Make sure to check out eBay if you’re on the hunt for some new or used Winter Gear for your kids this year! I found both Rocky and Roman’s boots in stock on their site and everything I ordered shipped for free!




And even though it is the season of giving to others, make sure you don’t forget about yourself! I found some amazing brands on eBay’s “Daily Deals” page like Rayban and The North Face! I’ll link my favorites here!




A huge thank you to eBay for sponsoring today’s post! As always, all thoughts and opinions are all my own.



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    Cutest boys I’ve ever seen!

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