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Hey Babes! Earlier this week I put together a Valentine’s Day gift guide for the Men in your life, and today I wanted to share some fun ideas for your “Galentines”! We all know someone who is going to be single this year for Valentine’s Day (*cough* my sister), and I think giving them something, even if it’s small, can make such a difference in their day! When everybody else is getting spoiled, it’s nice to let them know they’re loved on this day (and every day) too! Below I’ve rounded up some great gift options from Walmart’s Galentine’s Day Gift Shelf!

If you’re looking for an affordable option, I’ve got you covered! Since all of these items are “nudes”, I think it’d be so funny to give one to your girlfriend with a cute note that says, “I wanted to make sure you got some nudes for Valentine’s Day.” Haha! I’ve used this highlighter palette and lipgloss (color pushup) myself for years! I also found these little sets that have lots of pretty nudes/pinky lip shades!

If you’re looking to splurge on your girl (or yourself) here’s some perfect choices!

Maybe this year you feel like Valentine’s Day is going to suck for you. I get it. I had plenty of single Valentine’s Days…and Valentine’s Days where I cried because my boyfriend sucked…and Valentine’s Days where my sweet hubby was gone with the Army and I felt so alone and like life was unfair. I know it can be a hard feeling to shake. When Kent was gone last year I found myself getting down in the dumps around Valentine’s Day and our Anniversary etc…the best advice I can give you for getting out of that rut is to focus on others! Anytime I would start getting sad/depressed, I would purposely plan something nice to do for someone else. Surprise someone else with coffee or flowers or even a little present! Being kind to others is the best way to make yourself feel good from the inside out!

So don’t fret if you’re single this year! Find kind things to do for others all day to keep your spirits up! And then end the day by spoiling yourself (and invite some other single gals over if you feel like it!). Light a candle, throw on some pink masks and just relax! Here’s everything you need for a spa night (minus the wine).

Everything I found for today’s post is from Walmart! They have tons of great “Galentine” gift options at all different price points! Plus a lot of the items I chose have free 2-day shipping or you can order online and have it ready to pick up at your local store! Thank you so much to Walmart for sponsoring today’s post!


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