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You guys! I’m so excited for today’s post! I’m sharing all the info about my current skin care routine! This has been one of my most requested posts throughout the past year and I’m so excited to finally get this up for you all!

Growing up throughout High School and College I took horrible care of my skin. And by that I mean I did nothing for skin care. I mean NOTHING. I hardly ever took my makeup off at night, and just rinsed my face with water in the shower. If I could go back and slap that version of me I would. All you teenagers and 20 somethings out there, START TAKING CARE OF YOUR SKIN! A few years ago I really started making an effort to take better care of my skin and I can’t believe what a difference it has made! My makeup goes on SO MUCH BETTER and I feel so much more confident on the days that I don’t wear makeup at all. I posted some throwback pictures on my instastory a few weeks ago and I couldn’t believe how many of you DM’d me asking how I was “aging in reverse”. I definitely credit that to taking better care of my skin!  I’m going to share all my non-negotiable/every single day products with y’all first, and then at the end I added a few extra products that I use for different skin issues as they arise (literally). Most of these products are from Tula and you can use my code “SarahK” to take 20% off of any of them!


Step 1 – Take your makeup off.

Ok so before I clean, I use a makeup wipe and eye makeup remover to take the majority of my makeup off. I personally just use drug store products for this. I’ve used tons of different brands and honestly I don’t think they make much of a difference. The point for me is just to get the main bulk of my makeup off before I start cleaning.


Step 2 – Clean

I use the Purifying Face Cleanser from Tula to clean my face. This is the only face cleanser I’ve used for almost two years now and I LOVE it. I squirt a small amount straight onto the wet brush of my Clarisonic and scrub all over. The Clarisonic is new for me. I just started using it earlier this year and I CANNOT RECOMMEND IT ENOUGH! Seriously I don’t know how I lived without it and I’ll never go back to just using my hands again! I’ve struggled with breakouts my whole life and since I started consistently using the Clarisonic + Tula Cleanser every night, my breakouts have virtually disappeared over the past few months. My skin feels so smooth and soft after I finish cleaning it and I think the Clarisonic is getting my face so much cleaner than I was just using my hands!


Step 3 – Tone

Next I rub a layer of this Pro-Glycolic Resurfacing Gel all over my face. Now that I think about it, I started using this at the beginning of the year too so maybe this has contributed to my skin clearing up? I guess it’s hard to say since I started using it around the same time as the Clarisonic. Either one of them or both of them is doing the trick so I’m just not going to stop either haha!


Step 4 – Moisturize

Finally I put on the Hydrating Day and Night Cream from Tula. This stuff is truly amazing. I can’t tell you how many of my friends I have using this cream now…even my Mom is hooked! It smells and feels so hydrating.  I put it on every night before bed and usually again before I put my makeup on!


Ok so all of those are my absolute must haves! These next few products I use randomly as I feel like I need them. I don’t know about y’all, but my skin changes based on where I’m at, the time of year, or the time of the month.


When I start to notice a breakout this is my go-to mask! Sometimes I even sleep in it! I feel like it gives my skin an extra deep clean and I love it. I haven’t really been breaking out lately but I still try to remember to do it about once a week!


Dull Skin

These treatment pads are awesome if you feel like your skin is looking dull and needs some brightening! They’re too harsh to use every day (in my opinion) but I use them a couple of times a month and my skin feels amazing afterwards.


Dry Skin

This Aqua Infusion Gel Cream is perfect if you feel like you need some extra hydrating. Tula says that 2 pumps is like your 8 daily glasses of water to your skin. I used this so much in the Winter and I still use it a few times a week if I feel like I need some more moisture.


Skin Tightening

The only product I forgot to take a picture of is my NuFace!

I started using it about 2 or 3 months ago and it really does help your face to look tight and more “lifted” if that makes sense! It’s kind of pricy, and a little time-consuming at night, but it really does work! One night I just used it on half of my face and before I did the other half I showed it to Kent and he was like, “Oh Gosh that thing really works…” Haha.

Ok there you have it! That’s my skin dream team! I’ll link all the products again for y’all here! You can always use my code “SarahK” on for 20% off of your order!

*Promotional code is not valid on previous purchases or on purchases of gift cards, auto-delivery items, or value sets. Promotional Code is VALID on 3 Starter Kits!




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