Kiss your brass goodbye.

Lately, I’ve seen quite a few questions on Instagram regarding my hair color. So today, I’m teaming up with my colorist to give you the inside scoop on how we achieve my color, and what products I use to maintain it.


Ariel (my sister in law) has been coloring my hair for the past few years. She works at L.W. Boutique Salon, just south of Nashville, Tennessee. My family lives there so we typically visit every couple months and I almost always get my color touched up when we’re in town.


I should start by saying that my natural hair color is very dark. Ariel says it’s a level five for all you hair gurus.

Over the years she’s done an all-over platinum blonde:


An ombre blonde:


And my current baby lights and balayage blonde:


Even though we’ve made a few changes, I’ve always wanted to keep the blonde parts cool and “ashy”.

So here’s the process Ariel uses on me currently.

First she foils my hair, using light master (40 vol) and oloplex. Then she balayages my ends with light master (30 vol) and oloplex. Next, she tones it, using Redken shades 9B and 9P (customized with what i need at the time). With the toner she does a 2 to 1 ratio (diluted with clear). We tone it at the shampoo bowl with damp, towel-dried hair (for 5-10 mins). And she finishes with oloplex #2.


I don’t know what some (most) of that means, but I do know I love the result. To avoid getting brassy in between visits, I use this shampoo (once a week). I’ve tried 4 different purple shampoos, and so far this one is my favorite.


The extensions I wear are from Bellami Hair. These are the Guy Tang 8/60 220 grams.


(How funny is this last picture? I was trying to be all artsy with the hair and make it into a heart. #fail)

I just got a new set in and the shortest they had available was 22 inches which ended up being too long for me. They weren’t blending with my own hair naturally so we gave them a little trim and now I love them! I have worn Bellami extensions for the past three years and I love them. If any of you decide to order a set you can always use code SARAHK for a discount.


*note: we didn’t do any coloring or toning on the extensions at all. This is exactly how they come and they were a perfect match for my hair.*

I am linking the curling wand and styling products I use as well, but I’ll do a separate post about styling soon.

I hope this helps!



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  1. Brooklyn says:

    Love this post! If you only use the purple shampoo once a week, what other shampoo & conditioner do you use in between this one?

  2. Casey says:

    How long did it take for you to transition from dark hair to this color? Did your sister in law do it in steps or did you do the transition in one day? I have dark hair and was curious how to reach this color without frying my hair. Any suggestions/time frames on how to reach this level would be great! Also, know of anyone in Greenwood/Indy who does similar hair or that you would recommend?

    • welcometosarahdise_y77sln says:

      We did it gradually over 3 or 4 visits! I have gone to Grace at Sweet Olive Salon before and she’s done great!

  3. Jorie says:

    Thank you for giving your formulas! I’m a hair stylist in NW Indiana and am working on getting my sister’s hair to an ashy blonde after having a copper brown!

    I also use this purple shampoo and it is by far my favorite! Wondering if your sister in law has ever tried ‘the drop’ method on you with your toner? It’s amazing for that ash blonde also!

    • welcometosarahdise_y77sln says:

      Hey Jorie! You’re so welcome! I’m not sure if she has or not, I’ll have to ask her! xoxo

  4. Samantha says:

    What dry shampoo do you use?

  5. Bethany says:

    Hi Sarah! Do you mix your purple shampoo with a base cleansing shampoo or solely use the purple? I’ve always mixed mine, so I’m curious your processess!

    Also do you happen to have a favorite conditioner you would recommend using? I always get so much dry/ brittle ends with bleaching! Xx

    • welcometosarahdise_y77sln says:

      Hey Babe! No I don’t mix it, I just use the purple! And I just use Aussie Conditioner. I should probably experiment with some more expensive ones, I’ve been using Aussie since High School haha!

  6. Sally says:

    I absolutely ā¤ļø your hair it’s amazing!!! I was just staring at ur Instagram planning how I’ll color my hair next time šŸ™‚ just šŸ˜

  7. Nicki says:

    I am so jealous that you only have to wash your hair every 6 days and i ever looks greesy!! Thanks for sharing this info…i have always loved your hair!! xoxo

    • welcometosarahdise_y77sln says:

      Thank you! I used to wash it every other day for YEARS! I just had to “train” it to be this way. You have to go longer and longer between washes and it will stop being greasy!!

  8. Nancy says:

    I have been wearing hair extensions for a couple of years but had to stop because of hair loss from where the clips are. I guess the weight of the hair extension pulling on my own has left 3 bald spots. Ugh!! You’ve been wearing them for a few years, has this happened to you or Holli? Thanks

    • welcometosarahdise_y77sln says:

      Oh no!!! How awful! No that hasn’t happened to me. I haven’t worn mine since October, but I did wear them 2 or 3 days a week for about three years!

  9. Natasha says:

    Do you clip those in everyday? How many do you use? I have the same ones but Iā€™m lazy about it. Lol.

    Also if you only wash every 6 days do you just use dry shampoo in between?!

    • welcometosarahdise_y77sln says:

      Yes Dry Shampoo in between! And no I don’t. I actually cut my hair in October so I haven’t worn any extensions since then. Before that though I wore them 2 or 3 days a week for about three years!

    • Natasha says:

      One more question. Do you keep it all the same length? Iā€™m wondering if me having long layers is thinning it out more!

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